FSBO- Selling On Your Own?

Your Guide Into Everything That Goes Into Selling FSBO

Tired of not being able to sell your home? Sick of trying so hard with no success? My FREE BOOKs hows you how to sell any home, in any market, and get the most money in the shortest amount of time. These strategies have helped sell thousands of homes, and now you can have them at your fingertips!

Here’s what I cover:

Part 1: Helpful Tips

Chapter 1: How to sell your home faster and for more money

Chapter 2: Why some FSBOs sell and others don’t

Chapter 3: Violate this home selling rule and lose money

Chapter 4: High-end tactics to sell your home for top dollar

Chapter 5: Does clutter matter?

Chapter 7: Details to remember

Chapter 8: Tactics for more showings and more money

Part 2: Selling Your Home For More

Chapter 9: If a billionaire sold “for sale by owner”

Chapter 10: Why most FSBOs screw up negotiations

Chapter 11: Advanced negotiating tactics

Chapter 12: The crucial point sellers can’t afford to miss

Part 3: Mistakes To Avoid

Chapter 13: The easiest way to lose $36,000 on your home sale

Chapter 14: 5 reasons homes don’t sell

Part 4: The Home Selling Process

Chapter 15: Preparing to market

Chapter 16: All you need to know to show your home

Chapter 17: How to close effectively

Chapter 18: Once you’ve sold your home

Part 5: Resources

Chapter 19: What has to be disclosed when selling a home

Chapter 20: Hire a real estate agent or not?

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