Why use an SRES?

As we age, we demand specialists in our health needs, so why not in our housing and equity needs as well? An SRES® brings:

  • A customized approach to your situation, working to fit your living situation in with your overall life plan
  • Expertise and patience throughout the transaction
  • An awareness of options and a network of solid, reliable referrals to help you in the process
  • A variety of choices to reduce out of pocket expenses, gain cash, or create or defer income streams to either stay independent or obtain financial assistance

If you are looking for someone who…

  • Will provide useful resources and information throughout the buying process
  • Understands the potential financial situations of 50+ buyers
  • Will be patient and understanding throughout the transaction
  • Understands HOPA and other federal laws concerning 50+ buyers
  • Is trained on the housing options and amenities available

…then look no further!

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